Nancy Paschke was born in Waukegan, and graduated from Waukegan Township High School in 1957. She then attended Layton School of Art in Milwaukee before transferring to the Art Institute of Chicago, where she met her husband in the early 1960s. After raising their family, she returned to painting and had a number of successful exhibits.

In 1972, Nancy developed symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, a degenerative neurological condition which effects motor skills and balance. Due to the progression of her symptoms, she had been in residential care for the last twelve years of her life.

While Nancy had been artistically active throughout her life, she had been extremely prolific in the last three years of her life. Her subject matter was still life and portraiture; she painted objects in her room, and drew source material from magazines, television, and her nursing home cohabitants and staff. Variations in her work style were caused by fluctuations in the effects of her Parkinson’s Disease.

“Gallery Artists Show” Judy Saslow Gallery

“Three Person Show” Judy Saslow Gallery

“Portraits And Still Life” Judy Saslow Gallery

“Scene in Chicago 2002” Judy Saslow Gallery
“Chicago Artists Unbound” Harold Washington Library Center

“Win/Win” Judy Saslow Gallery
“Face To Face” Portraits Judy Saslow Galery
One Person Show JettSett Gallery
One Person Show Lincoln Park West Nursing Home

One Person Show Whitehall Nursing Home
One Person Show JettSett Gallery
“Three Person Show” Judy Saslow Gallery

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